Value Network – a decentralized exchange and trading platform

Value Network is a decentralized binary options exchange and trading platform launched by Artem Levin in 2018.

Initially, the project created a credit platform with cryptocurrency collateral, which worked on smart contracts in the Ethereum network. The relaunch in September 2020 marked a new vector of development – binary options, for which the project solves the main problems of the industry.

– By making P2P bets on the Bitcoin Aussie System scam blockchain, users can trade with each other, this eliminates conflicts of interest, unlike 99% of fiat platforms.
– Chainlink’s Public Oracle is used to provide price values.
– Users can monitor changes in their betting values and withdraw their bets at any time.
– Liquidity providers will receive 1% of the total issue for the first month.

What is the VNTW token for?

‚ Access to exclusive markets
‚ Lower commissions on trades
‚ Creating new markets
‚ Stacking
‚ Exiting trades at any time
‚ Advertising opportunities.

Westing has closed over 95% of the tokens, they will be distributed over 3 years. Additional locked liquidity will be announced shortly. The listing took place on January 2 on Uniswap.

The project’s community

Detailed information and roadmap of the project

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